On 07/01/16 06:44, Denny Vrandecic wrote:
> -- James was not removed from the Board because he was demanding more
> transparency.

I'm inclined to believe James at this point, since he is the only one
giving a credible explanation of causes. If he was not dismissed for
this, then why was he dismissed?

That he lost the confidence of the board is obvious, a truism.

> As I saw it, James acted out of process, ignored advice and caused
> disruption.

Which process? What advice? What disruption?

Are you afraid he will sue you for libel? Tell the truth: I believe
that is a defence in US law, as is fair comment on a matter of public
interest. I will donate to your legal costs if he does sue you.

People willing to talk to the public get to influence public opinion.
That is an appropriate reward for transparency.

> But I wonder what kind of changes would
> be required to avoid a situation like this - if the rest of the Board loses
> the trust in one of its members, how should we handle this?

By putting personal sensitivities aside and acting in the common good.
I support the power of the board to act quickly and decisively to
protect the mission, but not without public review. To act in such a
way without public review is contrary to the Guiding Principles.

-- Tim Starling

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