Dear Patricio Lorente,

You can read a neat summary of Arnnon Geshuri's part in unlawful
activities at Google at This
included Geshuri encouraging other organizations to take part in the
anticompetitive scheme, and firing Google employees who failed to
comply with the unlawful policies he implemented. It was determined in
court that Geshuri's actions damaged the careers of thousands of

There is no doubt that Arnnon Geshuri should resign as a trustee for
the Wikimedia Foundation, and your board made a serious mistake in his
appointment. It is time for an independent governance review to shine
light on these problems.

I look forward to your public statement.


On 7 January 2016 at 10:38, Fæ <> wrote:
> Dear Patricio Lorente,
> I request that the WMF board take immediate action to publish a
> comprehensive account of why you appointed Geshuri as a trustee,
> despite his direct involvement and being named as a defendant in the
> on-going scandal of anticompetitive agreements at Google, or that
> Geshuri chooses to step down from his new position of trust.
> This is being separated out as an open letter to the board in a new
> discussion thread, to avoid getting confused with other issues. In the
> light of recent challenges to the WMF with regard to a dramatic loss
> of confidence in their senior management and the politicking behind
> the loss of James Heilman as a trustee openly advocating for
> transparency to the actions of the WMF board, Geshuri's background
> with anticompetitive practices can only damage confidence in the WMF
> board with regard to their duty to hold WMF senior management to
> account and acting with the highest possible accountability and public
> transparency.
> Links showing Geshuri's public footprint on this issue:
> 1. 
> 2. 
> 3. 
> 4. 
> Yours sincerely,
> Fae
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> Interesting to note Arnnon's role in the Silicon Valley anti-poaching
> affair: 
> - Andrew

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