Thanks for saying that.  I'd also add that while the situation with Arrnon
looks damning on the face of it, I'm a little disappointed that people are
breaking out the pitchforks based purely on media reports, before he has a
chance to present his own side of the story and before Dariusz and the
others can properly look into the matter.  I also think that some of the
more 'excitable' commentary on this list in the past couple of weeks is
more likely to push the trustees away than get us the explanations we
want.  Yes, what is happening is deeply concerning, but lets not all lose
our heads.


On 9 January 2016 at 19:06, Chris Keating <>

> > I suspect they need a few days, based on past experiences. To dig into
> the
> > matter, and prepare an answer
> Quite, and thanks for saying that Lodewijk.
> In my view, the WMF board's top priority has to be the issues about
> strategy, leadership and staff morale that are being made public now. It is
> in everyone's interests that these issues get sorted out and some key parts
> of the solution have to happen in private.
> I am sure that the Board have invested a huge amount of time and energy in
> these issues already. Unless you have been on the board of an organisation
> that's gone through a serious problem it's difficult to appreciate the
> pressure this creates. I have, and I would urge everyone to take a deep
> breath and  think before emailing. It's worth repeating that Board members
> are all volunteers with jobs and families and what's more are trying to
> coordinate between three different continents.
> In particular hundred-email threads on this list where everyone speculates
> and demands answers to their particular questions  (and some people
> downright stir the shit) are less than helpful - a board member who spends
> 5 hours a week on WMF business could easily spend that just reading all the
> emails....
> Dariusz has said the Board is looking into the situation with Arnnon, which
> they were clearly not aware of - that is what needs to happen and yet more
> emails on this list won't mean that happens any more quickly.
> Regards,
> Chris Keating
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