Austin Hair wrote:
>On Sat, Jan 9, 2016 at 5:21 PM, Fæ <> wrote:
>> Hello everyone, I would like to put out a friendly reminder that good
>> practice is to keep threads on topic within reason, and to create new
>> discussion threads for distinct tangents or complete spin off
>> discussions.
>> "Community Tech Team" and "Lila's performance" are interesting, and to
>> be fair they deserve their own threads. If your email to this thread
>> does not mention the appointment of Arnnon Geshuri as a new WMF
>> trustee (see thread title), it is worth considering which thread it
>> ought to be posted under, or whether it is time to create a new
>> subject line.
>Not exactly coming from the source I would expect, but indeed, please
>keep your comments germane to subject line. (Starting new threads is
>entirely appropriate, and welcomed.)

Unexpected, eh? I'm not sure it's very surprising that the person who
started the thread doesn't want to see it derailed by tangents. And that's
fair. Though it can be difficult to know when to start a new thread. Plus
you have to create a new subject line (naming is hard) and there are no
do-overs (you can't move a thread like you can a wiki page). In an ideal
world, subject lines would always match the body content and I guess we
can strive for that.

I'm amused that neither of you seemed to follow your own advice here,
starting and continuing a tangential (meta-)discussion without changing
the subject line to create a new thread. We'll all strive indeed. :-)


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