Hi James Alexander,

Thanks for writing here. As a WMF insider, do you know who recommended
Arnnon to the trustees for a seat on the board?

I can think of no reason why that should be a secret.


On 10 January 2016 at 10:16, James Alexander <jameso...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Oh dear god everyone... [This is in general, not any specific person]
> I think everyone knows there are a lot of legitimate concerns to be
> concerned about and certainly Arnnon's actions at Google are legitimate for
> question however this whole "google is controlling the board/wmf" line of
> thought is turning into a huge and enormous conspiracy theory and what
> seems to be a giant school of red herring
> <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_herring>. We haven't quite yet gotten to
> "Frieda has 6 letters in her name and you know what else has 6 letters in
> it's name? GOOGLE!" but we're getting damn close. If anything the only
> concern about google I've heard within the actual WMF is that the
> "Knowledge Engine" was a plan to 'compete' against google for traffic (for
> the record my personal opinion is that would be a waste of money on
> something we could never succeed if true but ALSO that it isn't actually
> true at all at this point).
> There are a lot of people with legitimate and understandable concerns (in
> many ways I wish I could take part in the discussion but there is just no
> good way to do that) but please let's try to keep the lines of thought as
> sane as possible (which I know is the norm for all of you so I know it's
> possible). When people get worked up and there is a lack of information our
> imagination can always get the best of us, I certainly understand that, but
> it is rarely helpful.
> James
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