On 01/10/2016 11:16 AM, James Alexander wrote:
> Oh dear god everyone... [This is in general, not any specific person]
> I think everyone knows there are a lot of legitimate concerns to be
> concerned about and certainly Arnnon's actions at Google are legitimate for
> question however this whole "google is controlling the board/wmf" line of
> thought is turning into a huge and enormous conspiracy theory and what
> seems to be a giant school of red herring

I completely agree with you James. But, I do think that besides the
specific concerns over Arnnon, an overrepresentation of
Google-affiliated members in the board is a problem. Not because there
is a conspiracy, but because it is a lack of diversity.

In addition, it poses problems whenever the board has to decide anything
Google related. As a matter of principle, for any vote, board members
with a conflict of interest should abstain. If the majority of board
members have to abstain, this leaves the decision to a minority and thus
reduces its legitimacy.


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