In the last months too much has been said about quality and what others
have to do. This thread is about quality and its aim is not for Wikipedia
to change its way, it will not. It is to discuss lack of quality in
Wikipedia, a proposal that will improve quality but that will not be
accepted by "the community" because it is set in its ways.

In one blogpost [1] I discuss how redlinks can be improved using the
existing data of Wikidata as a start. In my latest blogpost [2] I discuss
Wiki links and how they can be improved by using Wikidata as a base. In the
item of the Spearman Medal, I have improved Wikipedia by 20% by fixing wiki
links, I have added 20% data by adding a few recent winners of the award.

When Wiki links are created, it is expected that they will "just" work. A
link is created, it is blue FINE :). However disambiguation often does not
happen and for whatever reason disambiguation pages do not exist.

Most of the functionality to replace wikilinks with Wikidata based
functionality already exist for a long time. People like Magnus build and
blogged about and I blogged about it.

What does it take for Wikipedians to consider their own issues in stead of
finding fault elsewhere ?

[2] http://ultimategerardm.blogspot.nl/2016/01/wikipedia-20-error-rate.html
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