Thanks for talking about it Dariusz.

Could you please make a serious declaration of interests as is being
discussed at [1]. This will help set a ethical model for the rest of
the WMF board to follow without needing a year to think about it. If
you want to check some best practice examples of meaningful and frank
declarations, take a look at WMUK's.[2]



On 10 January 2016 at 14:14, Dariusz Jemielniak <> wrote:
> 10.01.2016 05:04 "Fæ" <> napisał(a):
>> To help debunk conspiracy theorists, it would be interesting to find
>> out how many of the board of trustees have shares in Google, a useful
>> way of finding out who is part of the Googleplex.
> While I don't have, and never had (nor expect to have in the future) any
> shares in Google, I have to make a full disclosure that I do use Google for
> my internet searches (, to be exact, which may also be
> occasionally relevant).

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