As a cross-reference it may be interesting to note here the Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct policies that the Wikimedia UK board applies to its own trustees. These have recently been updated to ensure compliance with current charity governance best practice recommendations:

Trustee Conflict of Interest policy:

Trustee Code of Conduct policy:

Trustee commitments are based on the long-established Seven Principles of Public Life (the Nolan Principles) [1], but with a lot of additional detail.

Michael Maggs

Chair, Wikimedia UK


Chris Keating wrote:
I was chair of Wikimedia UK at the time of our governance review, and yes,
the circumstances were quite different.

I also think based on that experience review of WMF governance wouldn't
give the answers I think some people want to hear. In particular no
governance expert is going to do any of;
- criticise a board for having  (and using ) the power to remove a trustee
whose presence makes it impossible for the board to do a good job
- suggest broadcasting board meetings live on the Internet
- jump down the Google rabbit hole that half of the posts on this list seem
to inhabit at the minute

Generally governance reviews are quite healthy things and WMF should
consider having one at some point. Equally the recommendations and
methodology used for Wikimedia UK are well worth reading for all movement
organisations as much of it is general. Am on my tablet at present so can't
post a link but you can Google it (so long as you declare the fact)


Chris Keating

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