> Sharing this from our internal WMF list for your visibility...

Thank you, Lila, for sharing this here - this type of announcement has always 
been publicly posted on wikimedia-l in the past, so hopefully this level of 
transparency will continue in the future. :-)

> I'd like to introduce Jamie Villagomez, our incoming Chief Financial
> Officer. He brings more than 20 years of experience leading finance in
> small startups and large companies, and supporting non-profits as a
> volunteer and an advisor. Jaime will be joining us February 1st, overseeing
> our Finance, Administration, and OIT teams.

Welcome Jamie/Jaime!

> I would like to thank everyone involved in this search, especially Amy
> Elder and Boryana , who managed the recruiting process through a new, open
> approach.

Could you elaborate on the 'new, open approach', please - who did this involve, 
and where is the process documented?

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