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> Most recently, Jaime served as CFO at two startups: AnyCOMM, a smart cities
> startup,

Looks like literal DRMed light-bulbs.

> and Karum Group, which focused on extending credit services to
> underserved, unbanked communities in Mexico.

Hmm apart from the court filings they have maintained an impressively low
profile. Best I can tell they are software house with a focus on the
Mexican retail sector.

> Before then he was Vice
> President of Finance at Advent Software,

Financial services software. Harmless.

> QRS,

Probably QRS Corporation. Harmless.

> and Northpoint Communications
Dot com bust. Messy bankruptcy but well a lot of them were.

> Jaime is a first generation San Franciscan. He speaks fluent Spanish, and
> has strong connections to his extended family in Latin America. Jaime holds
> a deep appreciation for diversity, the importance of learning environments,
> and the urgency of advancing the lives of those in need. He is committed to
> bringing his experience to these issues through support for local community
> organizations and non-profits, including the Salvation Army,

Diversity or the Salvation Army. Pick one.

Seems a reasonable choice but we shall see.

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