On 01/12/2016 06:36 PM, Damon Sicore wrote:
> These are links to public posts containing cryptographic hash values
> generated from documents that I wrote on or before the dates of the
> posts.   By posting these hash values publicly, I’m proving to the
> world that I said something specific at a specific time.  The world
> does not know what I said, and only I can produce the documents
> which, when hashed, produce these exact hash values.

Well, that's a of little use if the only copy is on your private
website (which you can change at any time). So my email contains a dump
of the current hashes (scroll down).

I'd also like to use the opportunity to point out to everyone the
state-of-the-art whistleblowing tools. If you are attempting to blow the
whistle, do NOT do so from home or work. You will need the tor browser,
which is a browser connecting to the anonymization network tor (such
that no attacker, not even the recipient knows who you are). You need it
to access a SecureDrop site. SecureDrop is a web service that some
whistleblowing organization or newspapers offer, which enables you to
hand documents to them and communicate securely and anonymously with them.
Install the tor browser from https://www.torproject.org. Then start the
tor browser and open with it the following URL:
https://securedrop.org/directory. It lists various destinations, mostly
news organizations. Copy the .onion address of your preferred
destination and paste it into the address bar. You are now connected to
the destination's SecureDrop service. Follow the on-screen instructions.
(For extra security, compare the directory's .onion address with the
.onion address listed at the service's landing page. You might also want
to consider using tails: https://tails.boum.org, and verifying GPG keys)


Proof 0

512B7900 B895774F E80EF308 A9B929EA 13416E03 A9E1C35B 6D56985D 3CD37E34
E8DC24DC E9E3C1B1 15FF8651 C9B97DCD BFD06905 2584A8E8 AC71882A 331C527D

Proof 1

BB2943F7 C7E1A28B DD814378 2FEE481E 248725ED 65E95F70 488615AB 7767045E
900936AE 8426B067 6E1BE427 87A8AED9 59F4B2A4 A4E09142 9151D6D2 8AE7744D

Proof 2

F191309E 3CE0515F 70425421 BAC09FC9 B7BE7D2D EF720E0E 14B37F0D
6586A12C 1662D6B8 1DEAFED6 DAF0266B 574325BF 2DEC9746 187DAF3A
F5F1C75B DB170388

Proof 3

1563D79E 357DBD36 7DC36938 9600FF97 D682B0EA 36BDD306 3596400D
25B31FBA 13E9A7CA F4AB5C9C C0D82C47 6675B816 9EE3782E 27CE5EDF
9FBB2077 3422F5BA

Proof 4

5A2281EB 549B22CC C292E2E9 4F810647 2EEA02D7 A657FD37 12F8FEDA
794A279F 5379D837 CEC7624D F7F4CF1F C84C6329 92586E80 590C558E
4D527772 755A4D6C

Proof 5

11D8C808 48B918A6 B7E69459 DC20AE1A 4D1680CE 5C977E2A 4D2FCF73
25E4B5A5 E857F656 AEB5B98D 4B24EBEC 872403CC D5470AE3 2242582A
34AFDDEA 83456F97

Proof 6: The Mistake

D86BA5DE 67BE8F18 18ACA3D3 BC0C7BDE 887DCC31
C9DF65FB 7AEEAADD 93CFE568 925CDF80 7B38CE3E
4C6A1103 0C09FC55 9D421599 38A2A5B8 F2FB5C77

Proof: The Stand

748C4ABF C28EC17C EBFA8C19 2E82562D 8B81ECF3 FD963AC0 31282BBB
919E56E3 4E0A3137 923CCB46 98B96A8C 23C54D10 EF096096 7F50CC72
ADC07A2F 8F7430C4

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