Thankspam is not big a problem in my opinion. One or two seconds per message and you're done, then your mind will be full of good. What I find most annoying are long emails with few actual contents. You have to read them to find out they were not worth reading.

Il 13/01/2016 12:11, Fæ ha scritto:
Can anyone suggest of a better way of publicly logging thanks, hellos
& goodbyes for our public email lists?

Wikimedia lists are probably unique in the number of emails over a
year which 'thankspam'. For example there is a pattern set that an
awful lot of chapter representatives send public welcomes and goodbyes
without conveying any new information. Sometimes when my email
notifier shows about ten of these on the same day, I've made the
effort to block that thread, I don't know of a way of specifically
muting the notifications for these types of emails on my mobile phone.

Though everyone could chose to send these privately rather than making
a public statement, I understand the motivation for "us too"s to be
noticed by others who are not the intended 'thanked'. On email lists
something like ensuring thank email subject lines have a formulaic
part of the title would help, so that readers can choose to mute them;
equivalent to marking "minor" or "bot" edits on our projects so they
don't get flagged in recent changes.

This thought stirred by Ad's email, but not against the sentiment he
was aiming for.

PS For those that recall my meta thanks reports, I hope to get this
online again soon once a related phabricator task is resolved.


On 13 January 2016 at 09:21, Ad Huikeshoven <> wrote:
I failed to welcome incoming directors to the board of the Wikimedia
Foundation and I failed to thank outgoing directors of the same board for
the time and effort they have spent.

    - that you are sorry about the harm/damage/waste/confusion your mistake
    caused (being specific would demonstrate understanding);

I'm sorry for this unpolite and rude behavior.

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