On 14 January 2016 at 18:41, Lisa Gruwell <lgruw...@wikimedia.org> wrote:

>    The Wikimedia Endowment has been established as a Collective Action Fund
>    at Tides Foundation <https://www.tides.org/> as a permanent,
>    income-generating fund to support the Wikimedia projects. Tides has
> over 40
>    years of experience administering funds for nonprofits and helping to
>    launch such efforts.  They often serve as fiscal sponsors for
> organizations
>    when they are first starting out and will be providing administrative
>    support to the Wikimedia Endowment.  The endowment will be independent
> from
>    WMF but an Advisory Board, nominated by the WMF and appointed by Tides,
>    will make recommendations to Tides related to the endowment.  We have
> the
>    option in the future to transfer the endowment out of Tides to the WMF
> or
>    to a new charitable entity. The endowment will continue to be a
> permanent,
>    income-generating fund to support the Wikimedia projects under any
> entity.
>    For now, we feel Tides is a great, cost effective place to start and we
>    will look at other options when the endowment reaches critical mass.

Heh I remember those guys. Their fees were one of the costs that caused
Citizendium so much trouble (not that Citizendium didn't have a bunch of
other issues). Ah 2007. Fun times.

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