The Wiki Love Women writing contest is now officially open !

Please join in to celebrate Wikipedia 15 by participating to the bilingual (English/French) writing contest to increase the number of notable African women that are covered on Wikipedia. The contest is also meant as a starting point of Wiki Loves Women, a content liberation project related to Women in Africa.

We would love to see you participate to the writing contest !
If you want to, there are 3 ways to participate
* You want to create an article ? Please add your name here You may be solo, or you could seek the help of others to join your team. Or you can join an already existing team. You must start a new article (translation from another language is allowed). You have 15 days :) * Or you may simply add suggestions for articles to write here : Of course, be careful of notability etc. * Or you would be willing to join the jury. If so, please drop to the page to propose your help

It is all meant to be an easy going contest... no hassle... just for the pleasure of working together on a theme still little covered on Wikipedia (even after 15 years...)

Anthere and Isla


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