Pine W wrote:
>2. While I understand that some Board conversations are best held in
>private, for example conversations involving attorney-client privilege, I
>continue to believe that there is a misalignment between the democratic
>and open-source values of the Wikimedia movement and the limited
>information that the community is provided about WMF Board deliberations.
>There seems to be an assumption that full and honest discussions are best
>held behind closed doors so that people in the room feel comfortable with
>voicing their opinions. It seems to me that this is a doctrine which is
>contrary to the values of our movement, and I would urge the Board to
>change its approach. I would also note that many jurisdictions in the
>United States have laws requiring government bodies like city councils
>and legislatures to have their meetings in full view of the public unless
>there is a specific exemption for a subject that is to be discussed in
>private. These governments, in many cases, continue to function
>effectively despite the public and sensitive nature of deliberations on
>topics like budgets, land use planning, environmental regulations,
>appointments of judges, service contracts, and allegations of misconduct
>against fellow elected officials. The WMF Board should be a model of
>openness and good governance. Now is a good time for the Board to take
>meaningful steps toward aligning itself with our collective values.

It's pretty simple to get access to Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees
meetings. You do it in roughly the same way that you get an appointed
seat: by donating a couple million dollars to the Wikimedia Foundation:
<>. By my
count, the Board of Trustees has passed six separate resolutions to
accommodate the Sloan Foundation's request to have a Board observer.

I agree with you that the current lack of openness and transparency
surrounding the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees is disgraceful and
antithetical to Wikimedia's values.


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