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> Nor am I concerned that our information might be used by people who oppose
> our
> principles. We ask just the same of our contributors--that the information
> they contribute may be used for ''any'' purpose.

My concern is when our CC-BY-SA (or CC0) user-generated information is not
shared-alike AND it is a cost for the movement (ie a cost in terms of
bandwidth and electricity).
If Google harvests our information, using massively the API we provide, and
they just make it a silo for them to use (for the Knowledge Graph, for
example) and this hurts us, I'm wondering if
we can do something about it. There are only very few players who can take
all our information and use it as an internal asset, enriching it and NOT
sharing it.

I don't think in binary, so for me there is no contradiction to have a
CC-BY-SA content, but some caveat for big, big, big players.
I'm not saying (nobody is) that we have to shift to a NC license. Just
that  I don't want our movement to be hurt by multi-billion dollars
companies: I'm not an expert of the commons (I bet many people in this list
are) so I'm genuinely interested in hearing opinions about this. Is such
thing as "tragedy of the digital commons"? Can Google (or Amazon or
Facebook) exploits us?

Now please tell me (gently, :-D) where is my mistake in this line of

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