Le 21/01/16 20:05, Dariusz Jemielniak a écrit :
hi Florence,

Then I was astonished when I discovered that Dariusz, who has been a board
member for over 6 months, was not aware of the existence of the Conflict of
Interest Policy, which include a pledge of commitment and an obligation to
disclose potential conflicts of interest. A policy voted by the board
several years ago and mandatory for all board members. It is apparently not
enforced anymore, even though it is an approved policy and obviously a good
governance practice. This makes me think the board is not operating
properly anymore on this serious matter.

just to clarify this issue: I have been signing the COI pledges/disclosures
over the last 4 years, as the FDC member, and later as a Board member.
Apparently I did not make myself clear that I think it is worthwhile to
consider PUBLIC statements (as proposed in the email I was replying to),
and not statements in general (which we do have). It may have left you with
a reading that I was unaware of the COI policy as a whole; I apologize for
my clumsy phrasing.



My apologies Dariusz; This point was a misunderstanding on my part after reading this msg from you : https://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikimedia-l/2016-January/080945.html

I am really happy to read your clarification and see that this point is in fact not an issue. Good :)

I actually stayed in confusion because I commented it, but you never gave any further feedback.
But some people warned me my emails got stuck in spambox...
I changed my email address for the lists this morning... sent a message... and it got stuck in moderation !
Hopefully this one will work out...


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