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> Hoi,
> You want to compare it to the Reasonator item. It has all the right links
> for 43 award winners. That is 100% I did not have problems telling
> Wikipedians that there link was wrong. The information is there and there
> are more 'blue' links than in Wikipedia.

Well, not 100% either, because the 1982 winner, Andrew W. Ellis, is missing
in Reasonator.[1]

> The proof is in the pudding. For simple lists and links Wikidata is hands
> down superior.

That depends entirely on the volunteers involved, and the quality of their
work. I don't think Wikidata has a systemic advantage. At any rate, given
its lack of referencing standards, what's being added to Wikidata today is
less likely to be verifiable than what is being added to Wikipedia today.


[1] https://tools.wmflabs.org/reasonator/?&q=15995494
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