Alice, et al

Ars Technica have now reported on Arnnon's statement, and your statement.[1]

Their previous article[2] touches on the Meta discussion.

Le Monde has also published an article on this debacle,[3] as a result
of the original Ars Technica piece.

Please take the time to read the comments. People are already
cancelling their regular donations to the Foundation in response to
Arnnon's appointment to the BoT.

Forget about "Wikimedians" for a moment. ^ ^ (John Q Public) are the
people you have to convince that Arnnon is worthy of being a WMF
Trustee. As you can see from many of the comments, the public thus far
does not believe he is.

Given the Ars Technica article has led to the BBC, Le Monde, etc
picking up on the story, I'm not really sure you have the ability to
delay a full explanation for another week, as this is possibly going
to blow up in your faces long before then.

Warm regards,

Ruslan Takayev


On Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 4:14 AM, Alice Wiegand <> wrote:
> Dear all,
> the Board has read your messages and is discussing the concerns you have
> raised about Arnnon Geshuri’s appointment. We need to consider all
> information and we have conversations among ourselves. Arnnon and the board
> are listening to your worries and talking with community members,
> considering people's opinions and his own next steps.
> In the recent round of appointments, the Board identified that we needed
> support and expertise in two areas: financial oversight and planning, and
> human resources. Kelly and Arnnon were identified through the process,
> reviewed alongside other nominees, and selected as finalists based on their
> expertise and backgrounds. We all agreed they were excellent candidates and
> people, and supported their progress as finalists.
> We understand this conversation will continue, and we will continue to
> monitor it. However, we want to be clear that the Board approved Arnnon
> unanimously and still believes he is a valuable member of the team.
> Please see this as a brief update. We owe you a more detailed response, and
> we plan to come back to you with more information soon.
> Alice.
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