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> P.S. How is that nobody can work out who nominated/invited Geshuri for
> the trustee position? There can be little doubt that they knew of his
> chequered past when they did so.

According to the minutes for the November board meeting,[1] Boryana Dineva
and Dariusz Jemielniak led the presentation on board recruitment on that

Dariusz would seem to have known little about Arnnon, judging by his
comments about googling him, so I don't think it was his idea. But Boryana
must have been very familiar with Arnnon, given that she worked at Tesla HR
before joining the Foundation last year (Arnnon is VP of Human Resources at

Of course that does not mean that putting Arnnon on the WMF board was
Boryana's idea, but she clearly played a significant role in the relevant


[1] https://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Minutes/2015-11-07#Board_Recruiting
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