Congratulations Lorenzo, congratulations Wikimedia Italia. It was indeed a
long process, and I recall that this question came up - was it more than
five years ago? I'm curious what the coming years will bring, and I trust
that you will report back about whether it is a satisfying construction or


On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 11:36 PM, Laurentius <>

> Dear all,
> after a long process, today Wikimedia Italia has been officially
> recognized as the Italian OpenStreetMap chapter!
> OpenStreetMap is a collaborative project that shares the same value as
> the Wikimedia movement. It's not based on a wiki software and it's not
> in the Wikimedia family, but from many points of views, it's the project
> that is more similar to the Wikimedia ones; indeed, many wikipedians are
> mappers also, and viceversa.
> Similarly to Wikimedia, there is an OpenStreetMap Foundation (based in
> the UK) and there are national OpenStreetMap chapters. In Italy, the
> OpenStreetMap community has been talking for years about the creation of
> a chapter. Most people felt that it was important, but also that
> founding yet another association was pointless. Associations are not
> built only on projects, but also, and mainly, on common values and on a
> common vision: Wikimedia and OpenStreetMap share both, and it's just
> natural to work together.
> Wikimedia Italy officially started the process of becoming an
> OpenStreetMap chapter in 2013 [1]. The association has supported
> OpenStreetMap even before that (e.g., supporting the Italian
> OpenStreetMap conference), and in the last two years, thanks also to the
> work of many OpenStreetMap users that became members (and among them,
> Simone Cortesi, OpenStreetMap volunteer since the beginning and WMI's
> vicepresident), we have increased our efforts (as described also in
> WMI's annual plan [2]). The recognition process has been quite long, but
> today we've signed the chapters agreement, and now Italy is the second
> country (after Iceland) to have an official OpenStreetMap chapter! (but
> there are actually other unofficial chapters besides these two)
> Lorenzo
> [1]
> [2]
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