I am happy to see María returning to the Board, though I wish it took place 
under happier circumstances.  I have confidence in her wisdom and her ability 
to help steer us out of this mess, though I certainly hope that she’ll be able 
to commit to whatever it is that James was fighting for while he was on the 
Board. ¡Felicidades! :)

That said, I do want to point out something that Salvador said in his e-mail:

> The diversity inside the Board gets many benefits with this appointment.

I have significant problems with this statement.  While I appreciate the fact 
that María represents two of our underrepresented communities (women, sexual 
minorities), I am doubtful that her return to the Board will suddenly lead to 
"more diversity", especially when it comes to our communities in the developing 
world.  We’ve been fighting for more geographic diversity on the Board and in 
the movement at large with very limited success as it is, so yet another 
developed world trustee does no favors for us even if I have lots of praise for 
María otherwise.


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