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> It would be good if the voting system was built to give a clear next best
> option in these circumstances.
> Simple positive voting,  single transferable vote, and proportional Schulze
> would all do that.
> I wonder if there's any movement on the idea of a standing election
> committee to consider now how the next community election will be set up?
> Chris

There is indeed, the board approved a resolution to create the committee
<https://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Resolution:Elections_Committee> in
November which was published recently. I've already talked a bit about it
with the members of the most recent election committee but once it was
published I was wary of moving forward with the conversion to a standing
committee until we knew exactly what was happening with James' seat. Now
that that seems to be done I'm hoping to work with everyone over the next
couple weeks to get it going.

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