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Here is the latest issue of ESEA (East and Southeast Asia) Newsletter.
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Here is the outline:

   - 4,310 articles in 41 language versions of Wikipedia contributed during
   the Wikipedia Asian Month 2015.
   - 40 Wikimedians celebrated 15th anniversary of Wikipedia in Hong Kong
   - 100 books have been digitalized and uploaded to Wikimedia Projects in
   collaboration between Wikimedia Indonesia and Museum Tamansiswa Dewantara
   Kirti Griya.
   - 46 entries of Spoken Wikipedia has contributed to Chinese Wikipedia
   by Wikimedia Taiwan's project partnered with National Chiao Tung University.
   - Wikimedia Philippines announces its new project: the Encyclopedia of
   Philippine Heritage (EPH), as the second phase of Cultural Heritage Mapping
   Project, which contributed 800 articles in past two years.

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