Hello readers of wikimedia-l,

One of the outcomes of the 'better thankspam' thread was to experiment with
a pilot installationg of Discourse. This has been set up at
https://discourse.wmflabs.org/ by Erik Bernhardson.
In the past weeks a couple of dozen of people have signed in and have been
taking a look around. In a recent thread on wikimedia-l Fæ posted results
of SQL queries of number of users thanked and number of users thanking on
different wikis.
On Discourse users can like (by clicking a heart) for individual posts.
Number of hearts received and number of hearts given are by default and
automatically counted by Discourse, and these numbers are public, see

For the Wikimedia Discourse installation to be a succesful pilot it has to
be a real alternative for the wikimedia-l mailing list. Users want to read
posts in their mail, and want to be able to reply to posts by mail, without
having to visit the site. Users who have signed up at
https://discourse.wmflabs.org/ will receive new posts by default in their
mailbox. Mail preferences can be individually set. Wikimedia Discourse
users can reply by mail to posts received by mail. Members of Wikimedia
Discourse can mail new posts. Please let me know if anything is missing at
Wikimedia Discourse that the current wikimedia-l mailing list does have.
Sign up for an account at https://discourse.wmflabs.org/ to discover the
extras Discourse offers. Wikimedia Discourse users can earn barnstars for
example, isn't that nice?

Please note that by subscribing to the wikimedia-l mailing list your
mailing list subscription isn't linked to any account at any Wikimedia
wiki, neither is your mail address. For the wikimedia-l mailing list you
will have to provide a mail address and after confirmation mailman will
mail you a password. If you want to sign up at
https://discourse.wmflabs.org/ you will have to provide a mail address and
pick a password yourself. Currently their is no link between
https://discourse.wmflabs.org/ accounts and any account at any Wikimedia
wiki, nor is their link with mail addresses, just like it as with the
wikimedia-l mailing list. A phabricator ticket requesting SSO or Oauth 1.0
or Oauth 2.0 can be found at https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T124691.
Currently there are no resources available for writing an Oauth 1.0 plugin
for Wikimedia Discourse, neither are there resources available for moving
MediaWiki authentification from Oauth 1.0 to Oauth 2.0. As said, SSO or
Oauth is a 'nice to have' and doesn't have to block a succesful pilot.

Secure communication is a must. The Discourse installation is now
configured to default to use SSL, so you will always see https://.

Here is a short list of places where the Discourse installation can be
* https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Discourse
* https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Discourse
* https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T124690
and of course at the wikimedia-l mailing list and at

Best regards,

Ad Huikeshoven
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