On 07/02/16 09:41, Chris Keating wrote:
>> I have some one question for you.
>> I am having a very hard time wrapping my head around how the grant
>> information you posted lead to WMF BoT voting James Heilman of the board in
>> a vote of no-confidence.
> Ruslan - what makes you think the two issues are connected?
> I have heard nothing from the WMF that suggests that they are.
> A few other people are trying to draw some link between the two, but the
> burden of proof is on them not on Lila....

Maybe you missed this:


In which James Heilman, by way of explaining why he was removed from
the board, complains of a lack of transparency, links to the
announcement of the Knight Foundation grant, and comments "many
details however are still missing."

-- Tim Starling

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