On Wed, Feb 3, 2016 at 11:00 AM, Tim Landscheidt <t...@tim-landscheidt.de>

> So the diversification for the purpose of the advancement of
> knowledge should not lie in making WMF immortal, but ensur-
> ing that it survives WMF's death.

Perhaps it will seem counterintuitive to you, but your reasoning is exactly
why I feel that pursuing grants and non-banner sorts of funding is a good
idea for the foundation.  We should *encourage* mirrors and forks and
distributed storage and lots of other interesting ways of spreading our
bits around and putting new clothes and user experiences on them.

Being totally dependent on banner fundraising on a small number of
"official" web sites works contrary to all of that.  It encourages
centralization, and starves other approaches of resources.  "Good citizens"
don't make Wikipedia forks, because it would be taking money from the WMF
by interfering with the banner campaigns.  That's a perverse incentive.

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