Dear friends,

During the past three years, I have been privileged to be a part of this
movement and this organization.

I have been honored to be your colleague and to work with you in service of
the sum of all knowledge.

In particular, I wish to note particular projects that have inspired me
very much.

   - Working with Philippe Beautdette, Maggie Dennis, James Alexander, and
   Jan Eisfeldt to keep our community safe from threats of harm. [1]
   - Working with Patrick Earley, Nick Wilson, Erica Litrenta, Sherry
   Snyder, Oliver Keyes, and James Forester on the rollout of VisualEditor. [2]
   - Working with Yana Welinder and Heather Walls to design a user-friendly
   trademark policy. [3] [4]
   - Working with Siko Bouterse to support Individual Engagement Grants and
   movement diversity. [5] [6]
   - Working with Jake Orlowitz to promote the Wikipedia Library and the
   Wikipedia Adventure. [7] [8]
   - Working with Jaime Anstee, Edward Galvez, Amanda Bittaker to encourage
   evaluation and learning. [9]
   - Working with Asaf Bartov to encourage regional cooperation in Central
   and Eastern Europe. [10]
   - Working with Floor Koudijs. Tighe Flanagan, Kacie Harold, Samir
   Elsharbaty, Rodney Dunican, Sage Ross, Jami Mathewson, and LiAnna Davis on
   the Wikipedia Education Program. [11]

The Wikipedia Education Program is especially near and dear to my heart. It
is a means of educating readers, recruiting contributors, and creating
quality content. Since 2014, the number of education initiatives around the
world has increased by 36%. [12] [13] And 25% of all education programs are
in one of the regions that I directly supported. [14] I am so proud of what
they have accomplished. And I am enthusiastic about what great things they
have yet to achieve.

I want to thank and compliment my current manager, Floor Koudijs. She is a
competent, considerate, conscientious leader, and her diplomacy skills are
unsurpassed. I am confident that the education team and the education
program will continue to excel under her leadership. They are in the best

I want to thank and compliment my hiring manager, Maggie Dennis. She had
faith that, although I wasn’t an active community member, I could be taught
to be a good community advocate. I am so proud that I proved her right. She
taught me how to work in accordance with and to have the utmost respect for
the wiki way. [15]

Wikipedia is a miracle, a monument to altruism. It is vital to the internet
ecosystem, and it is vital to the education system. I hope that more young
people especially will find their way to it and help out. And when they do,
I hope that they are met with wise mentorship from veteran community
members, just as I was.

I intend to remain a Wikipedian even after I am no longer a WMF staff
member. And, with that promise, I’ll see you on the wikis. [16]

All the best,
Anna Koval, M.Ed.



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