It absolutely makes sense to have a named week/end each year where everyone
tries to get together.

I don't know if it needs to have a primary physical venue, certainly there
are already thousands of people who are only able to participate online,
and find ways to do so, including a few satellite events.  There are also
definitely ways to have a global gathering and concordance of efforts that
don't have a primary venue - OpenCon this year did quite a fine job of


On Tue, Feb 9, 2016 at 3:16 PM, James Heilman <> wrote:

> The best way to measure the value of Wikimania IMO is through stories. So
> here are a few of mine:
> 1) In Washington, DC a group of us meet regarding a new sister site. Partly
> from this, two editing communities working on travel content were brought
> back together and Wikivoyage was reborn as a WMF site.
> A gentleman from the World Health Organization flew in to meet with some
> medical editors. A six month Wikipedian in Residence at WHO followed, I was
> invited to speak in Geneva, and the Bulletin of the World Health
> Organization is now under a CC BY SA license with work for them to more
> fully adopt an open license.
> 2) In Hong Kong I meet with the gentleman who runs Healthphone
> He has subsequently agree to release some
> amazing pubic health videos under an open license one of which you can see
> here on Hindi Wikipedia
> Discussions are ongoing to have WP's medical content included on 2 million
> SD cards being shipped to healthcare workers in India.
> 3) In London I was introduced to volunteer programmer through a friend of a
> friend. We had an idea for a copy and paste detection bot and we just
> needed someone who knew how to code. Eran did the coding during the
> conference. The bot is now live on all of En WP with other languages in the
> works
> 4) In Mexico we continued to improve the copyright bot and pulling in a few
> more programmers. Our community liaison for the project got to meet
> community members face to face for the first time. We also solved some
> issues regarding maps that had the potential to go sideways.
> I am certain many other have similar stories. I have personally found
> Wikimania invaluable. Attempting to bring us together once a year is not
> too much.
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