Congratulations Seddon! I'm really glad that's worked out, and I'm looking forward to continuing to work with you in your new role.

All the best


Lisa Gruwell wrote:
Hi All-

I am happy to announce that Joseph Seddon (User:Seddon) has joined the
Advancement team to lead up our Community Engagement! Many of you have been
asking for us to add a position like this to our team and we are thrilled
that Seddon agreed to join us because he has both a deep understanding of
the community and of our team’s work.

Many of you may already know Seddon, as he has been a Wikipedian since
2006, twice former WMUK trustee, and has helped the Fundraising team as a
contractor (on and off) since 2011. Seddon will be a first point of contact
for the community on all fundraising and partnerships work.  Rest assured,
all of us on the fundraising team will still be engaged with the community
on meta, this list, etc.  Seddon will simply be leading the effort in terms
communication and collaboration and making us better.

Welcome (back) Seddon!


Lisa Gruwell

P.S. For those of you who have never met him, here's an intro is his own

Having been involved in the chapters, online community or working for the
foundation in some shape or form since 2007, I have stood on pretty much on
all sides of all the fences and even found myself straddling one or two in
that time. That has given me a pretty unique perspective in terms of
fundraising within the movement and one that I hope will serve both the
community and my colleagues well going forward. On a more personal note,
I’m based near London but originally from Wales. Interests include Rugby,
Formula 1 and Cooking and prefer the hills to the city.

If you ever have any questions relating to any of the work the Advancement
department does then feel free to drop me a message on my talk page [1], by
email [2] or right here on this list.

[2] jseddon at
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