Hi all,

Earlier this week Amy Elder -- our head of recruiting -- has shared a
preview of the CTO role with the staff and I would like to share it with
you early as well, before the job description is posted and the process
starts. I am very grateful to our technical staff and leaders here at the
WMF for collaborating on both the description and the process.

If you have any nominations or recommendations, which I hope you will
please email Amy directly.

Thank you all for engaging.

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From: Amy Elder <ael...@wikimedia.org>
Date: Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 3:53 PM
Subject: [Wmfall] CTO Search | Status
To: Staff All <wmf...@lists.wikimedia.org>

Hi Everyone,

We are excited to announce the launch of our search for a Chief Technology
Officer, and proud to confirm this search is being handled internally by
our very own WMF Recruiting Department.

As we greatly value and respect your opinion, we are contacting you for
your candidate nominations/referrals. We are also open to hearing any
related suggestions or comments in general on the job description as minor
changes can still happen (this is not a call for mass edits).

Please see the below link for a preview of the job description. The entire
technical team has been deeply focused on collaborating and contributing to
this (nearly finished) draft.

If you have nominations please let me over the next few days.

With appreciation,

Amy Elder
Director of Recruiting
Wikimedia Foundation
(415) 999-8140
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   - Oversee development of key performance metrics such as site
   availability and responsiveness, bug response time, code review response
   time, etc., and ensure consistent improvement along these metrics.
   - Lead, transform, and grow complex technology infrastructure and high
   performance cross-functional technology teams. Foster projects and future
   product ideas that will lead to innovations in the years to come. Broker
   and drive to resolution, key architectural and technology implementation
   decisions. Foster an energetic culture and an ownership of, and commitment
   to, shared product development goals.
   - Develop, inspire, and coach the technology leadership team across
   software engineering, technical operations, research, and product
   development. Support technical managers and directors in operationalizing
   technical vision into specific objectives, products, and services, to
   deliver high quality software in support of our global mission. Regularly
   review and update organizational goals, formalize budgets, and balance
   priorities. Work cross-functionally with the rest of the executive team and
   the ED, to develop and communicate top-level goals.
   - Enable Wikimedia engineering efforts to expand its technical community
   to be comparable to the Wikimedia editing community, growing its reach and
   influence far beyond paid Wikimedia Foundation staff.
   - Design and implement an effective organizational structure, that
   supports maximum communications and effective execution of technology
   initiatives. Work closely with project management to transform priorities
   and requirements, into plans that optimize resources and set appropriate
   - Own and drive technical organization integrity: achieve status as a
   recognized technology leader by using proven and scalable execution
   processes (e.g. agile) in development, technical operations, and
   architecture. Work closely with product management to transform
   requirements into technical specifications and software designs.
   - In collaboration with the ED and the Technology group, own and advance
   the overall architectural roadmap, setting the vision and long-term
   strategy for technology at the Foundation.
   - Contribute to that strategy by qualifying and prioritizing
   infrastructure efforts.
   - Grow and build highly complex technology infrastructure. Anticipate
   technology scale and capability challenges, and communicate clear proactive
   plans to address these challenges. Work closely with tech leads and
   operations to resource key technology initiatives, and drive them to
   completion for existing and future technology expansion.

Required qualifications[edit
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   - Experience stepping into established technical organizations, and
   quickly gaining respect, and methodically implementing, a robust and
   effective development practice. Ability to build teams quickly. An
   effective coach and guide for technical and product talent.
   - Experience with large-scale, global internet technologies.
   - Understanding of the open source ecosystem product lifecycle, with an
   ability to source and seed innovation and to produce quick results.
   - Proven ability to set the vision and strategy for technology and
   operations, and to produce an effective roadmap. Comfortable with
   technology scale and associated architectural challenges, and experience
   proactively addressing them.
   - Familiarity with a broad range of open source technologies and how
   they interrelate to solve big data, mobility, and collaboration problems
   (e.g. Varnish, Apache, Memcached, MySQL, PHP, Node.js, Python, Hadoop,
   Elasticsearch and a broad range of open source components).
   - A proven track record in leading teams to build APIs and analytics
   into platforms, as well as development and integration of Mobile.
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