Lisa, thank you.

I am getting the sense from the available information about this grant that
the Knight Foundation is well intentioned. My concerns here, and I think
that the concerns from other community members, are primarily related to
WMF's handling of this situation. I for one would be happy to see
improvements to internal search on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons that
would benefit our readers as well as our community members.

On WMF's side, since WMF is exploring the question "Would users go to
Wikipedia if it were an open channel beyond an encyclopedia?" (quote from
page 2 of the grant document), it seems to me that potential re-scoping of
Wikipedia would merit a conversation with the community. Looking at page 10
of the grant, the scope of the Knowledge Engine project appears to be
aligned with Wikimedia values, but it looks to me like the scope and
methods of implementing the Knowledge Project should have been discussed
with the community.

Dariuz, regarding your statement that

> after some consultation internally, my understanding is that in practice
it will often
> not be sensible to insist on publishing grant applications, basically
because many
> donors are just not as progressive as we would like them to be, and we do
> want to decrease our chances for a grant in the future (donors may not be
> comfortable releasing this, and in the same time they will not want to be
> out in public as the only ones who refused).

I would respond by saying that openness is a value in the Wikimedia
movement and that our values should not be for sale at any price. Policy
and practice should be that documents for all restricted grants received by
WMF will be published on Commons and that the community will be notified of
all restricted grants that are being contemplated by WMF. If a potential
donor is uncomfortable with that, then they can donate unrestricted funds
anonymously, and those funds must be spent only on programs that are
explicitly authorized under WMF's published annual plans or sent to the
reserve or the endowment. Again I will say that I hope that our value of
openness is not for sale at any price.

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