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> On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 6:11 PM, SarahSV <sarahsv.w...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dariuz, when I first heard about this, I understood it to mean that the
>> Foundation was seeking to fix the Wikimedia search function, which is
>> really very poor. But this seems to be a proposal to create an entirely new
>> search engine to complement Google, which will cost many millions.
> My understanding is essentially that we want to engage in a search engine
> that would encompass all Wikimedia projects. I can't imagine us effectively
> competing Google and I would not consider this to be a sensible direction
> (not because it is not tempting, but because it is too costly and risky).
> ​Hi ​

he grant application doesn't restrict the search engine to Wikimedia
projects. It says that the "Knowledge Engine by Wikipedia [is a] system for
discovering reliable and trustworthy public information on the Internet."
And that it will "democratize the discovery of media, news and information
– it will make the Internet's most relevant information more accessible and
openly curated ... It will be the Internet's first transparent search
engine ..."

It also says that one of the challenges that could "disrupt the project" is
​"Third-party influence or interference. Google, Yahoo or another big
commercial search engine could suddenly devote resources to a similar
project, which would reduce the success of the project. This is the biggest
challenge, and an external one."

It's hard to see how Google developing a new search engine would disrupt
the Foundation improving search within Wikimedia projects.

The document says the "Search Engine by Wikipedia" budget for 2015–2016
($2.4 million) was approved by the ​board. Can you point us to which board
meeting approved it and what was discussed there?

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