Hello fellow Wikimedians,

On this very special day I would like to share with you yesterdays post by
Rosemary Rein and todays post by Nicole Ebber. [1] & [2] 

This installation of Discourse is a pilot to test. Your data belong to you.
You can download your own posts and replies from your user page. Maybe you
like an archive of all posts. You can download all posts from the
wikimedia-l category from the export page. [3] Discourse is a labs project
and I don't promise anything will be kept here for long. Expect things to
change. Thanks for the support by Erik Bernhardson.

The wikimedia-l mailing list can also be accessed as a newsgroup. [4] Some
people have asked for synchronization between the wikimedia-l mailing list
and the wikimedia-l category here, which is discussed at Discourse. [5]
Setting up a sync will require some research and experimentation. The
mailing list to newsgroup bridge might serve as a model. Austin Hair
volunteered to look into this.

The number of people signing up for an account at Discourse is slowly
growing. On this special day, spread the love. 

Best wishes,


This message has been sent from the gmane webinterface to the wikimedia-l
mailing list. I wonder if it might be possible to set up the discourse
installation as a web interface as well.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/ _ 
https://blog.wikimedia.de/2016/02/14/ _ 
    wir-lieben-freie-software-eine-homage/?utm_content=bufferc272b& _ 
[3]: https://discourse.wmflabs.org/exports/
[4]: http://news.gmane.org/gmane.org.wikimedia.foundation
[5]: https://discourse.wmflabs.org/t/synchronization/74

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