The situation concerning the copyright on Anne Frank's writings is quite
complex - and it is not just US copyright which is causing problems.

There appears to be some consensus that the Dutch text of the diary as
first published in 1947 is now in the public domain in the Netherlands. But
writings by Anne first published in 1986 remain under copyright until 2036.

However, the current holder of the copyright, the Anne Frank Fund in
Switzerland, is claiming that  Anne's father should be considered a
co-author of the original diary. This would extend copyright until 2050, 70
years after his death. Some experts in copyright-law feel this could be a
valid argument, but the claim has sofar not been confirmed by any court.
Experts on the writings of Anne Frank tend to dismiss it. Still, the
 National Library of the Netherlands has already removed the text of the
diary from their digital library
<> at the request of the Anne
Frank Fund.

Wikimedia Nederland is exploring what can be done to keep this very
important book in the public domain.

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2016-02-16 15:43 GMT+01:00 Michael Maggs <>:

> I haven't seen any mention on this list of this recent news:
> This year The Diary of Anne Frank entered into the public domain in the
> Netherlands, allowing millions of people around the world to read it for
> free.
> However, under U.S. law the book remains copyrighted, which prompted the
> Wikimedia Foundation to remove a copy of the book from its servers, under
> protest.
> It's worth noting, if only to increase awareness of the excessive length
> (95 years) of some US copyright terms.
> Some people outside the Wiki world have noticed: see blog post here:
> Michael
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