Lane writes:
> Can you please contact any Wikimedia chapter and ask them to request
> nominations?

Ok.  I take it they have already been emailed directly?  And each chapter
can handle this however they like?

> Get any chapter to make any request for whatever kind of person they
> would nominate, then maybe they can call for whatever they want.

Where should they do this – on Meta somewhere, on this list, on the private
chapters mailing list? Is there somewhere they can see wishlists others
have proposed?

This questions page does not shed much light; who is expected to contribute
to it?

Risker writes:
> Well, I was interpreting SJ's question to be directed to everyone who is
> involved in this election, not just the three election coordinators.

Yes.  And +1 to your other comments.

I think the selection process would benefit from the affiliates considering
& sharing what is on their wishlist for candidates, before nominations are
closed.  If the facilitators can help make this happen, all the better.

> Ask questions everywhere. This is a wiki election and should proceed in
> wiki style.

++ Good, that's why I asked in the first place.  Feel free to migrate this
discussion elsewhere.

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