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>>  We have started with an engagement survey, and organizational facilitator
>> analysis. More and more current input can be provided by Patricio or others
>> from the Board's HR Committee, but there is also a lot of work done by the
>> HR department, under its new leadership.

Sorry, I couldn't resist. There is familiar story about Ark B, so
giving just a random conversation from the Chapter 31:

"So what else have you done?" he inquired after the celebrations had died down.
"We have started a culture," said the marketing girl.
"Oh yes?" said Ford.
"Yes. One of our film producers is already making a fascinating
documentary about the indigenous cavemen of the area."
"They're not cavemen."
"They look like cavemen."
"Do they live in caves?"
"Well ..."
"They live in huts."
"Perhaps they're having their caves redecorated," called out a wag
from the crowd.


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