Dear Siko,

I was trying to phrase something like this, but you beat me to it.  This
discussion gives me hope.

Siko writes:

> Ido, Ori, Sydney, Shani, Ben, Delphine, Gayle, thank you for your boldness
> and wisdom in this thread. I know how rarely some of us speak on this list,
> and I appreciate you raising your voices here, now. I need to believe that
> the power of the collective leadership that so many volunteers and staff
> are showing here will ultimately be strong enough to ensure that the
> Wikimedia Foundation has the leadership that its mission deserves.

Thank you to Ori, Dan, Brion, and other staff for sharing your thoughts
over the past days, and dispelling some of the mystery and uncertainty.

To the board, please engage.  We are in this together, and depend on one
another.  Have an honest conversation with the staff and community about
the immediate problems, let us find a way forward.  Dariusz, don't fall
silent – we need your perspective.

Delphine writes:
>   <epic snip>
> We freaking built an encyclopedia, of course we can take care of it
> having to fear everyone and their brother! And while an organisation is
> a wiki, and revert not always an option, I'm pretty sure that

More to be said here, but first: I hope you will finish this thought.

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