Il giorno ven, 19/02/2016 alle 10.18 -0500, Lane Rasberry ha scritto:
>    1. So far as I know no one has contacted chapters directly. I would
> like
>    for every chapter to take responsibility for contacting a few
> others and
>    confirming that they are engaged in the election. It would be
> difficult to
>    centrally manage communication with everyone. Do you know anyone at
> any
>    chapter that you could ask to have their chapter discuss the
> election with
>    a few others?

In addition to what Lane wrote: chapters (and Amical) have been
contacted using the chapters' mailing list, and all chapters board
members should be subscribed to that. Still, some chapters may not be on
the list, or they subscriptions may not be up-to-date, therefore we're
doing a manual check on the list of subscribers.

> Anne -
>    1. Yes there are three white males on the election committee. [...]

I think Anne was referring to the results of 2015 elections (with
Dariusz, James and Danny elected), not to the election facilitators.
The positive note here is that at the last two ASBS rounds both elected
trustees were not North American/European white males!


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