On Sat, Feb 20, 2016 at 2:51 PM, Dariusz Jemielniak <dar...@alk.edu.pl>

> It is important to do things in good timing, but it is even more important
> to do things right (not just in decision-making - remember the VIsual
> Editor?), not get easily swayed or lead by a crowd, think straight. When
> I'm asking for patience, I'm basically trying to say that the Board is not
>  ignoring you - but I think that as a body it tries its best to focus and
> use good, independent judgment, in the plenty of topics that emerge as
> important. It is not up to me to offer deadlines, but we are not really
> passive, as you seem to believe, either.
> dj

I will not pretend to have full insight into the issues the board is
dealing with and so can not pass final judgement on whether the Board did
the best they could given the circumstances (and may never be able to).
However, admitting that, you must appreciate that even those of us who
understand that speed is not always a luxury that is possible eventually
get to a point where it's hard to assume the best anymore or to "just
wait". Waiting a month, or two, or 3... to rethink decisions that were very
clearly going to explode like this... eventually we start to think that
you're not making a decision or that you're trying desperately to avoid it
and hope everything just goes away despite the reality of the situation.

Perhaps you're not being passive, perhaps you are talking a lot and trying
to do what's best (I actually believe that you *do* want to do what's best,
every member of the board) but eventually it's almost impossible to believe
you actually *will* if left alone. Given that, it's not hard to understand
why some are getting angrier and angrier, trying to force an actual
decision. It isn't like this has only been the past week or two, as you
know, this has been much longer then that.

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