On 2016-02-20 10:36 PM, Lila Tretikov wrote:
Information asymmetry is a big issue. For example, in my role there is a
lot I cannot say, I have responsibilities to protect people in the
organization both current and former. So, for example, if someone is fired,
even for cause, I would not say anything about this person that may hurt
their chances in the future.

That is... downright brilliant. Pretend to be caring and responsible, while at the same time make an underhanded implication that the people who left are villains and that you are a poor victim for being unable to speak the Truth. I hope you choke on shame for having the gall to even so much suggest that pillars of the staff and community like Siko, Luis, and Anna left for any reason other than your "exemplary" leadership.

"Information asymmetry" is right, mind you. Staffers have shown extraordinary restraint in keeping thing quiet and civilized so that what has been going on does not reflect too badly on the foundation and - by extension - the movement. After all, as Ori so eloquently pointed out earlier, the Foundation is full of passionate and dedicated people who managed to do a great deal of good things despite all the "fun" of being rudderless, leaderless and without anything resembling a vision.

If you have a single iota of integrity, please leave now before more of the foundation crumbles around you. Even if you were perfectly correct in all you did and everyone else was perfectly wrong, any supposed leader that has no trust from at least 93% of their staff should realize that - if nothing else - they are a bad fit and cannot possibly salvage the situation.

-- Marc / Coren

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