I would hope that the Board is now planning an executive transition for
WMF. I would like to ask the Board to be transparent about this, including
making timely posts to this mailing list and proactively posting documents
and timelines on Meta and Commons.

I would hope that people skills, communications skills, and cultural fit
are high on the list of priorities for the next executive.

I also hope that the current Board members will thoughtfully consider
whether it's in the best interests of the Wikimedia Foundation and the
larger Wikimedia movement for them to continue as Board members. By human
nature, people are suited to different roles, both in work and in volunteer
leadership capacities. It seems to me that Lila and at least some Board
members have interests, skills and abilities that could be beneficial in
other organizations or in different roles in the Wikimedia movement. Having
the courage to change is far from the end of the world; Arrnon did it, a
number of staff members are doing it, and I hope that Lila and at least
some Board members will follow their example so that in the long run
everyone will be in places that are good for them.

Also in the long run I hope that the Wikimedia Foundation and our volunteer
community will emerge strong, resilient, healthy, and vibrant.

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