Pine W <wiki.pine@...> writes:

> I would hope that the Board is now planning an executive transition for
> WMF. I would like to ask the Board to be transparent about this, including
> making timely posts to this mailing list and proactively posting documents
> and timelines on Meta and Commons.

+1. Numerous staff members have publicly asked the the ED to step down or be
removed. The situation at this point is obviously unsalvageable. Even if
things were to magically turn around tomorrow and start going in the right
direction, this series of threads would be the new seeds of discontent. Even
if everyone says they'll forgive and forget, no one really forgets who
called for them to be fired.

It shouldn't take a public staff revolt for an ED to be removed from the
board. It shouldn't have lasted past the internal staff revolt months ago.
The only way to start healing the org is to start moving forward.

- Ryan

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