Good Job GW!

Please consider (for later) either linking or making a wiki version for
Meta. Thanks for making this effort.

On Tue, Feb 23, 2016, Gerard Meijssen <> wrote:
> All the shit from mailinglists is missing. For the temperature aka the
> understanding of the developments it is certainly as potent as some of the
> departures.

<grin> It is not the point but I will explain the point </grin>.

I think GW covered enough relevant points from the list. There are other
sources that cover similar comments from here, and sifting through a few
hundred long emails to find relevant quotes is going to be a time-consuming
activity which will require editorial choices. Choices, which you and
others might again disagree with. It's better to just cover big
announcements and important messages (important being subjective).

Also, please try to avoid colorful language and be appreciative of someone
else's effort.

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