I am totally with Benjamin on this.

On Tue, Feb 23, 2016, Oliver Keyes <ironho...@gmail.com> wrote:

> "sorely under-represented perspective" or not, that kind of attitude
> is of course going to piss people off. And it may be that denying the
> value of peoples' experiences or dismissing their misery is not, in
> fact, what you mean to be communicating. But it is how it's coming
> out. For me, at least, that's why I find your emails frustrating.

That is an odd way to dismiss any counter-argument - it is going to piss
you or others off? You are the only staff member so far objecting to any
dissenting view, existentially. I'm sure you would prefer no dissent should
exist at all because you are having a miserable time, just 100 people
piling on one?

I see the conversation heavily leaning in one direction - against Lila. She
is overwhelmingly being blamed, accused and rebutted by just about every
member on this list - in unofficial and official channels. This includes
the staff, community members and even past board members. Anything short of
calling her literally the worst or comparison her to lady hitler will not
be moving things any further than they are.

A few staff members like Brion, expressed dissent to Lila's assertion, but
wonderfully well. They offered counter-arguments, and provided context we
all needed. Dissent is necessary, it moves the conversation along. You are
in essence doing what your senior management was accused of, silencing
criticism internally because you are having a rough time. I'm sure it
doesn't feel nice.


PS Anthony, you shouldn't have sent a private email to the list.
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