Craig Franklin <> writes:

> any action that would injure the movement would also
> injure the Foundation by definition.  Denny is quite correct that trustees
> have a legal obligation to put the Foundation before anything else, however
> there's usually a fair bit of latitude in how that obligation
> is interpreted.


DGG writes:
> Rather, the movement is to create a model of free human interaction and
> work, and the initial way of exemplifying this is in the various versions
> of the encyclopedia.

+100.  Edit this a bit and it will be a perfect quote.

> a model of free cooperative expression of the
> manifestations of human intellectual work and creativity... is
> fundamentally and radically in conflict with such formal organization...
< To the extent we need it, it is only to serve some limited purposes
> necessary in the economic and legal  world as it is.
> Unfortunately... human history shows that structures intended to have
> such limited supporting purposes do not easily remain in this limited role

I appreciate this long view.  It is true, similar to the arc that leads to
policy creep even where it is counterprouctive; and each requires steady
awareness to balance.
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