> I suppose Jimmy is the most responsible for spreading that. What I can't 
> understand is the fact
> that I don't see that too much (s)elected Board members have integrity
> above Jimmy's rumors threshold.

And the first part, as it wasn't well formatted initially: There is
specific Board culture, transferred from generation to generation of
Board members. The culture of siege, where the community is the
archenemy. As Denny is repeating the same thing I heard from some of
the previous Board members, while Jimmy is the only one with more than
year and half of being in the Board, I suppose it's about Jimmy.

The second option is possibility that that culture is so strong, that
it already assimilated almost everybody else up to the level of being
able to transfer the mythology to Denny.

The third option is possibility that Jan-Bart and Stu have such
powers, that they were able to indoctrinate Denny for six months of
being together in the Board.

I think the first option is the most reasonable one.


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