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> Lila,
> I don't want to get into what or who is right. The things I had to say I
> already said in private forums. The discussions here and in others places
> were already to heated and too longs to add more words.
> Before we are movement, we are people. with feelings, with soul. I can not
> even imagine how it was to be in your position during the last few months.
> Reading the thing people wrote, the blames, the personal attacks. Some
> people had right and justified concerns to raise, but sadly, we are great
> movement, with great achievements, but we do not always treat and speak to
> people with the respect they are entitled to.
> I know many people disagreed with your strategy and your decisions, but as
> I had the privilege to knew your personally during the last 2 years, I know
> each one of them were truly in the favor of the movement in your personal
> point of view.
> Thank you for all the works during the last two years. For being available
> to speak personally with each one of us. I learned a lot for each meeting
> or conversation with you.
> Thank you Lila, and good luck whatever will the roads will take you.
> *Regards,Itzik Edri*
> Chairperson, Wikimedia Israel


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