Le jeudi 25 février 2016, 02:06:38 Yuri Astrakhan a écrit :
> Guillaume, the idea may come from anywhere, shouldn't we post the process
> on meta? Or is this WMF specific, e.g. "I want my favorite cereal in the
> cafeteria" proposal? :)

This is what I wrote in the introduction of the Business case page:

A business case is a document that provides the rationale for making a change 
or starting a project. It defines an observed problem and argues the merits of 
a proposed solution.

A case may be created for a small change ("Every WMF employee must wear green 
clothes on the third Friday of the month") or a large project ("The WMF should 
create a freely-licensed YouTube"). They provide a useful framework for 
organizing one's thinking and convincing others.

Putting the Business case documents on the private staff wiki was the first 
in my effort to rescue the process from the walled Google Docs abyss, where the 
documents got lost after senior staff (who initiated the process) left the WMF. 
like the framework and was hoping to make it used more widely at the 
Foundation over time.

I agree that Meta-Wiki would be a better place in principle. I am slightly 
worried that moving the process there might lead some employees to revert to 
Google Docs for their ideas and drafts*, whereas they could be convinced to use 
the process if it was on the staff wiki (which would still be an improvement).

On the other hand, if the upside is that the tool is useful to, and used by, 
volunteers, that may be a good enough reason to move the pages to Meta. It 
could set an example for staff to follow. I'm happy to move the pages if people 
think it's a good idea.

[*] I refuse to use the word "ideation".

Guillaume Paumier
Wikimedia Foundation

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